This game was made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam!  It's a platformer with only one platform.  But it moves and so must you!  Keep up!  You'll need to use abilities like wall cling and dash to make it to the end.

Both keyboard and gamepad are supported.  The controls are explained in game.

All art assets created by me during the game jam.  Sounds, music and font are from other sources.  (See Credits page in game for list.)

Thanks so much for playing!  Feedback is most welcome!


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am I doing something wrong? it's just a black screen for me.

I had the same issue once with Chrome.  But a refresh fixed that.  Not sure if sometimes things don't download all the way or something.  Give a refresh a try or just visit the game page again.  You could also try Firefox as sometimes with the game engine I use that works better.  I have not tried with Safari and not sure how well that  works.  If you continue to have issues, let me know which browser you are using.  Thanks!