In this platformer you must use the Lyre of Truth to expose hidden platforms as well as those that are not really there.  Guide your bard to the magic portal that whisks you away to the next adventure!

This game supports both keyboard and game pad.  For movement use arrows/wasd/dpad.  To play the Lyre of Truth hit space bar/B.

This game was made as part of the Community Game Jam!

Thanks for playing!!  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Had a lovely time playing, it plays really clean and the visuals are fantastic not just cause of the great art but also the layout and design.

Only bit of feedback is that the lyre mechanic sound is jarring and a little unpleasant, seeing as it's the main mechanic I felt enticed to use it a lot but felt punished for doing so.

Perhaps something softer or catchier? Something the player wouldn't mind listening to over and over again. 

Other than that it was awesome, huge kudos to every aspect of the game, even the sound dept. Thanks for your work, guys !

Thanks for the feedback!  Yes, we had thought about changing the lyre sound but ran out of time.  It started out being random pitches, so at least it's not that anymore :)  We're thinking about other changes for the "reveal" affect as this is the one thing we've gotten the most feedback again.  Glad you liked everything else!

Hey! Great game!

Not only was it a clever spin on 'liar', but it is also a great game concept. Well done!

Thanks!!  We're glad you liked it!