This is a real time construction and management simulation game where you build and maintain a colony on a moon destined for a new planet.  Your goal is to grow the population before the generation ship arrives at its destination.  Along the way you'll need to deploy the harvester to obtain more resources from asteroids that collide with the moon and repair structures that get damaged.  Build your colony however you want, just be sure to not let the population crash below 100 individuals or it is game over for the entire species.

This game was the colloboration of the following creators.

  • Aaron Bowers - Sound Design and Music
  • Leanne Bowers - Art and Voice Talent
  • Bobrobbow - Programming
  • Jason Lothamer - Programming and Design


Download 51 MB
Download 51 MB
Download 49 MB

Install instructions

Just download and unzip.

Development log


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It really reminds me of Moonkind....

My video review of 28:20 Moonshot 2 Generation Luna ! cool game!