Post Game Jam Voting Update

Now that voting for Ludum Dare 39 is over, I've posted an update to the game.  Most notably there's now a more defined progression to the difficulty with the addition of "waves" in the game.  with each new wave the spawn time for the asteroids decrease, till, at about wave 5, you will start to see more than 1 asteroid.  Also, ever 10 waves an additional alien ship will spawn at a time.  So, at wave 10, you'll see 2 aliens at a time, at wave 30, 3, and so on.  There's also a wave countdown on the lower right of the screen.  Oh, and waves last 45 seconds.  Other improvements include the addition of points, more of an indication of when the station has been hit (camera shake!), and a few other tweaks.  I hope you enjoy the update!


SpaceBaseLD39.exe 18 MB
Aug 24, 2017 Play in browser
Aug 25, 2017
SpaceBaseLD39 27 MB
Aug 25, 2017

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