This is my entry for Ludum Dare 45.  The theme was Start with Nothing.  My inspiration for this game is the empty feeling people sometimes get and the desire to fill it.  So, your character starts off empty and as you consume light it fills up.  This filling up also doubles as your health meter.

Controls are pretty standard and game pad is supported too.

Move: Arrow/wasd/zqsd keys or d-pad

Jump: space or A button

Shoot: X or B button

Note: shooting takes health

Hope you enjoy this short game!  Any feedback is appreciated!


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Fun game man! best of luck to you!

Hey!  Thanks!  And good luck to you too!

awww! thats neat i loved the glow of health and attack and the sparkly music, it's a bit difficult for me to navigate through but that's probably mostly my dexterity! keep being a cool guy!

Thanks!  You are too kind!